"gigantopterid" = an English noun describing large leaves with complex reticulate venation resembling the Cathaysian fossil seed plant genus Gigantopteris and North American genus Delnortea of the Permian Period, 260 million years ago"

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[ The Charles Darwin Bicentennial Reading List ]

The image to the left is the passive insectivorous plant, Darlingtonia californica (Sarraceniaceae, Ericales, Asteranae), from a seep on Eight Dollar Mountain of the Klamath Region of western North America.

A cut slab of an Araucarioxylon arizonicum log is pictured. Reddish silicates comprise permineralizations in The Black Forest log beds of the Triassic Chinle Formation, deposited 220 to 225 MYA.

Less colorful permineralized woods found in this region of the North American Triassic include Schilderia adamanica and Woodworthia arizonica, seed plants incertae cedis (Creber and S. R. Ash 2004, S. R. Ash 2005). Scott Williams, Petrified Forest National Park Curator and Photographer, captured the rock slab colors and contributed this file for reproduction here.

The Charles Darwin Bicentennial reading list of journal articles was assembled by the author in 2009 while constructing the three gigantopteroid essays: I apologize for overlooking other journal articles of possible interest.

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